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How does it work?

When nature meets AI

By answering a few questions based on your gardening wishes the app will select the most ideal plants based on your location, orientation, soil, wishes and gardening level.

You can then purchase the plants individually, as a starter package or as a subscription to keep you going all season long.

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Why Which Plant?

We all need more green and nature in our lives; but we have lost the knowledge of plants so we buy plants, they die and we give up. Balconies and gardens remain grey. This has serious impact on the environement and our well-being.

  • 92% of the population will be living in cities by 2030 without gardens

  • 88% of people say their mental well being suffers due to lack of access to green space

  • 800K people die annually in Europe due to air pollution

  • 97% of our wildflower meadows which support bees have been lost in last 60 years

We make it easy to transform the grey into green!

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Our Story

We are city people like many who had very little knowledge of plants before launching Which Plant!? We wanted to have a greener city around us and a greener balcony....but we didn't know the answers to which plants we should buy and what will grow on our north-facing balcony.

We want to help people transform their grey into green. Every balcony and garden can become a green haven if you know the right plants!

We are passionate about bringing more nature into the cities, to save the bees, improve air quality and make people happy :-).



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